Hey! my name’s Logan, known as on Instagram. Born and raised in the heart of Toronto, I have been tattooing for almost 6 years now and am blessed to be a tattoo artist waking up every day doing what I love.

I have been drawing since I was young, my first memories of it were creating other students’ names in a graffiti style during elementary school. Other classmates would come to pick up their names and I would sell it to them for two dollars. So, you could say I have been selling art since I was very young, Eventually, I began using spray paint and markers on any surface I could find. Now my preferred medium, opposed to needles and ink, would be my pencils and pens.

Art has helped me immensely in life especially tattooing, it made me very focused therefore shutting out a lot of the negativity and bad things happening around me and being less involved with that bad energy. It seems very unreal to be a tattoo artist living in this world of art.

I am constantly learning new ways to improve my artwork and grow within this industry to become the best version of what younger me has always strived for, and I will not stop.