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Hey my name is Jean Marc but I go by Jay and you can find me on IG @jaytattoo.s. I was originally born in Toronto and lived in Lebanon for 22 years. My tattoo journey began 11 years ago by accident at 16 when I had purchased a cheap permanent makeup tattoo machine from a friend who didn’t want to tattoo anymore. I did tattoos for many friends the next 4 years and then I moved to Montreal and began tattooing in professional studios full time after that.

My technique improved as I tattooed walk-in clients in busy tattoo studios in Montreal as I got experience tattooing in many different styles. I still continue tattooing in many styles and I love all types of tattoos whether large or small as long as my clients are happy at the end of the session.

I love to live in Toronto as the people are very welcoming and the city is so multicultural and full of exciting things to do. 

When I am not tattooing – I enjoy being in nature and I especially enjoy finding abandoned buildings/structures and taking photographs of them.