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We started Second Chance Laser Clinic for anyone who has had a change of heart about their tattoo.

Whether you’re looking to fade, correct or completely remove your tattoo, our goal is to remove unwanted tattoos while making you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


What to Expect

Book a Spot Test

If you have reservations about tattoo removal, we recommend booking a spot test where you can try it out – no commitment necessary. For your convenience we can also schedule consultations over the phone or by video chat.


Your laser tech will let you know what to expect during the course of treatment and ensure that you are comfortable before, during and after all of your treatments at Second Chance Laser Clinic.


We do the treatment but your body does the work! Your laser technician will give you extra tips on how to take care for yourself following treatment so you can maximize your results.

Restart, Refresh, and Recover

with Flat Rate Pricing

Our treatments are priced at a flat rate to give our patients the most comfortable, successful and affordable laser treatments based on their individual goals and our experience in laser tattoo removal and tattoo aesthetics.

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Single Treatment

Up To 5×8″

$200 + HST

We offer single treatments on tattoos larger than 1×1″ and smaller than 5×8″ for a a single flat rate of $200 + HST .

Single Treatment

Mini Tattoos 1×1″

$100 + HST

We offer single treatments on tattoos 1×1″ or smaller for a a single flat rate of $100 + HST .

Our Portfolio

Proven Results

Here at Second Chance Laser Clinic, we love what we do. Check out some of our recent results for inspiration!


Maximize Your Results

Remove Bandages & Keep Area Dry

Avoid Hot Showers & Sun Exposure

Stay Hydrated

Massage the Area

Wait 6-8 Weeks Between Sessions

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We’re Here to Help You Get a Second Chance

Do you have a tattoo that you’d like to alter and not sure where to start? Well you’ve come to the right place. Tell us about your tattoo goals and we’ll get back to you soon!

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You Asked, We Answered

During the treatment you will experience a mild annoyance similar to being flicked with an elastic band. After the treatment it is normal to experience a sensation similar to a mild sunburn.

Treatments take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes and at Second Chance we use a medical device called a CryoZimmer which numbs the skin with cool air during treatments to minimize any discomfort

Our treatments are priced at a flat rate for transparency
Here at Second Chance we offer flat rate pricing between $100-200/Treatment.

The Second Chance Pricing and Treatment Packages are designed to make it affordable and provide the most efficient and worry free results.

On average fully removing a tattoo takes 8-12 treatments. To fade a tattoo enough for one of our cover up specialists it typically takes 3-5 treatments. All tattoos are different and all bodies are unique. The actual length of your removal process can directly be affected by your diet and lifestyle/health, the location of your tattoo and the saturation/colors used. Before you start at Second Chance you will have a complimentary consultation with one of our C.L.O (certified laser operators) and options/realistic goals will be explained to you thoroughly.

These days, both Qswitch and Pico lasers can remove most colors effectively however unfortunately yellows and whites have proven to be nearly impossible to fully remove. We ask the right questions and are always honest with our patients. Certain inks their artist may have used are unregulated and can contain hard to remove pigments/dyes.

We ask all our patients to be patient between treatments. The wait time between treatments is 8-12 weeks even though we would love to see you sooner, this gives your body the best chance of processing pigmented ink particles away from the skin before your next treatment.

Good question!! We have some of the most talented artists in the GTA working alongside us to help cover old or outdated tattoos. In some cases you may not need laser at all; in some cases we can laser it a few times to allow more freedom in the cover up design. During your consultation with our laser experts at Second Chance you can check out our artists work and meet them in person given availability.



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