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Hey, I’m Kerry. My tattoo nickname is KRXU (an acronym for my first and last name), but just call me Kerry. 

I was born in China but obtained citizenship when I was still in elementary school. There’s a tradition in Chinese culture where a baby picks from an array of objects in front of them, and what they choose will foreshadow what career path they choose (抓週 zhua zhou). Apparently, I picked a box of markers so my baby-self made me do it, and that’s how I discovered my love of art and drawing. 

I eventually branched out into the tattooing industry after dropping out of an illustration program when I realized I was just wasting my time, effort, and money on an education that wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be. Instead, I thought I’d put my skills towards something more self-motivated and lucrative to push my limits. Plus, it is an artist’s dream for someone else to love your art enough to have it on them forever! This November marks my third year in the tattoo industry. 

Regarding my favourite style of tattooing, I enjoy a lot of different styles, but I would have to say illustrative colourwork is my favourite. I’ve always wanted to become an illustrator/concept artist when I was young, and I trained as a traditional artist before I pursued school or tattooing. I really enjoy coming up with my own styles/compositions & seeing it come to life with colour. When it comes to improving techniques, try to start from a strong foundation and understanding of different techniques. Once I understood the limits of human skin, I pushed myself to try new things & subject matter I was afraid of. Having a ‘formula’ to breakdown new techniques helps to execute them.

As a tattoo artist in Toronto, I love the diversity this city offers and the many niches/communities that give you a sense of belonging. In my spare time, I longboard, dance, love a good thrift shop, and can whistle a mean tune.