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You Asked, We Answered

Tattoo rates start at $80/M and artists’ hourly rates start at $150/HR+. Always book a consultation if you are unsure of your design or if you have a specific budget in mind.

Piercing rates start at $40+.

With the exception of finger & foot tattoos, we offer one (1) complimentary touch-up session within three (3) months of your final appointment date.

Touch-up sessions booked after the three (3) month period will be charged at one (1) hour of the artist’s regular rate or our minimum booking rate.

For tattoos, you must be 18+ years old.

For basic piercings, you must be 16+ years old.

For sexual piercings (ie. navel, nipple(s)) you must be 18+ years old.

If you are underage, a legal guardian must be present and we require valid photo I.D. (no health cards).

Please make sure you carefully read through the aftercare sheets we provide in the studio and follow our recommended guidelines.

We always encourage you to come into the studio or send a picture by email

Absolutely! We have gift cards available for purchase in $100.00 denominations.

All gift cards must be used within one (1) year of the date of purchase.

Make sure you are well-rested and fed prior to coming in. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Bring a book or headphones for personal entertainment. Be sure to bring lots of snacks and keep that adrenaline up!

All artists have:
● Criminal background checks
● Blood Borne Pathogen Certification
● Health & Safety Training

We have AED/CPR certified individuals on site at all times.

We use nitrile gloves for those with latex allergies. All inventory is logged into a records book with lot numbers and expiration dates to ensure freshness of all products.

Health & Safety

We have a state-of-the-art sterile facility where stations and client areas are sanitized with industrial-grade disinfectant after EVERY client.
All items on site are 100% disposable, SINGLE USE ONLY.
We put our needles into Biohazard sharps containers after each client and ensure they are properly disposed of.
The needle backings are kept and attached to every client intake form, then stored electronically.


Deposit & Cancellation Policy:
Deposits are applied to the cost of your tattoo on your final session and transferable between artists. We ask for two (2) weeks notice prior to your first appointment when transferring artists.

Rescheduling Policy:
As a courtesy to your artist, a minimum of 72 HRS notice is required to reschedule your appointment which must be done over the phone during business hours.
In the event of a last minute or change of heart cancellation, your deposit is forfeited.
Deposits are Non-Refundable.

Payments, Deposits, & Booking

Booking over the phone or by email available. We offer complimentary consultations prior to booking for your peace of mind.

A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required for anything < 3x3”
A 1 HR deposit is required for anything > 3x3” and is determined by the artist’s hourly rate.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, cash and e-transfers. Payments are per session (pay as you go).

The consultation process is typically 15-30 MIN.
It’s a good idea to bring in:
● Reference images
● A list of your likes and dislikes
● Physical reference items (for realistic tattoos)
● Money to leave a deposit

Once you and your preferred artist have agreed on a design, you can proceed with booking your session.
All artists and piercers have the right to refuse if they believe the design is offensive, will compromise your personal safety or if the design is changed drastically from what was discussed during your consultation.

Products in House
All of the inks and products we carry in the studio are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!
We carry our own brand of Canadian-made, organic aftercare lotion and cleansing wash.
Benefits of our deep cleansing wash:
● Anti-bacterial
● Antimicrobial
● PH Balanced
● Organic
● Vegan & cruelty-free