Labret Piercing

From: $80.00 30 minutes

Labret piercings are quick to heal and ultra popular due to the many customizable style options available – there’s a Labret piercing to suit everyone. Opt for snakebites or viperbites for a bold take on this traditional piercing.

Alternate Piercings
Vertical Labret, Ashley, Monroe, Madonna, Medusa, Snakebites, Viperbites

$80 Single
$140 Double

Jewelry is included with this appointment – We only use the finest internally threaded implant grade titanium jewelry to give you and your new piercing the best possible healing experience. Upgrade your jewelry to titanium or solid gold jewelry from NeoMetal, Invictus Body Jewelry, Royale Body Jewelry and Junipurr at an additional cost.

Healing & Aftercare
The healing time for this piercing is 3 months and your jewelry will need to be downsized initial swelling has gone down. Contact us by phone or email to book your downsize at no additional cost. During the 3 month period, you need to clean your piercing(s) 2-3 times daily with alcohol free mouth wash and saline spray and/or salt water.  Always follow the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer even if you think your piercing is healed.

A $15 deposit is required to book your appointment time slot – Your deposit comes off of the total cost of your piercing. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please be courteous and give your piercer at least 24 hrs notice – Any no shows or last minute cancellations will result in your deposit being forfeited.


All flash art & custom tattoo deposits are non-refundable. For all details read our policy
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