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Thinking of Getting a Tattoo but Unsure of the Design or Lacking Confidence in Your Own Artistic Ability? No Worries, We Take Out the Guess Work for You!

More than ever, there are numerous design services online offering services to create a custom tattoo design for a fee. The problem with a lot of these services is, designs will look great in a 2D version but don’t always translate well once on the skin. When you see a design on a white background, it can be misleading as to how the shading will look on your skin etc.

Our artists offer complimentary consultations in studio to discuss your ideas and help you choose the best way possible to execute your vision to make it a reality.

By coming in for an in-person consultation, you benefit by building great rapport with your artist face to face and you are guaranteed to have the best placement chosen for your design so that your tattoo will flow with the natural curvature of your body since certain aspects of design need to be drawn by hand.

Before coming in, we suggest creating lists – both written and visual. Create an electronic vision board for yourself. Begin by storing images on your phone or computer of tattoos that you like and what you’d like to see in your own tattoo. This will give your artist a good idea of which direction you’d like to take your artwork even if you’re not familiar with tattoo jargon. Remember, every tattoo is custom designed so we can take a number of your ideas and combine them into one memorable piece of artwork.

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